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You've seen the Yellow Pages. This is the online Reptile Pages.

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AD One - These are text ads that will appear just like this in the top center fold of each page on our site These are $120 per year. 1 subject line and 4 lines of text maximum (250 characters).

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   Full & 1/2 Button Ads Available

Full Button Ad - $80.00 per year
180 wide x 80 high. 8 line maximum with a line space as shown here.

Small pictures are ok with full button ads...  

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Half Button Ad - $40.00 per year
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Double Button Ad - $160.00 per year
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Remember that this year we only plan to sell a total of 320 lines of side space so that means that your ad will get seen more often.

Buy Reptiles.com is limiting ad space this year to help you to better promote your business. Your ad will appear on all pages this year.

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  This is our Max - Available

Our Max for This Year - What you see is the max that we plan for this year. No more than 320 lines on this side so you can be seen!