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Green Iguana Information (Lizard)
By Lizard Lounge


Normally, adult Iguanas can grow to 5-6 feet and thus should be housed in a larger cage. Tall cages or optimal for this type of lizard as they are tree-dwelling and consequently would prefer to be as high from the ground as possible. It is very important to sterilize all branches that will be placed in the enclosure with a mild bleach solution. The relative humidity level of the enclosure should be kept at approximately 70-75%, and this can be obtained by misting the enclosure a couple times daily. Although many people feel that their Iguana could safely roam around the house, the opposite is generally true. Not only do you run the risk of your lizard knocking over it’s heat lamp and starting a fire, it is also common for large amounts of damage to be done to furniture, carpet, wiring, etc.


Reptiles in general are Ectothermic which means that they do not produce their own body heat. Thus, reptiles must be given a combination of both warmer and cooler areas in their enclosure. This will allow them to choose their own temperature. Proper heating is vital to a lizards survival, as it allows for a healthy immune system and proper digestion.


“Full Spectrum Lighting” is vital to a lizards survival. When selecting a light source ensure that it provides ample UVB rays. For Iguanas this is particularly necessary. The most optimal lightin conditions would provide natural sunlight to the Iguanas. This however is normally not practical as even a standard window can filter out the beneficial UVB rays.

For all your lizard information needs visit The Lizard Lounge. All species of Lizards are represented with articles and care sheets.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Lizard_Lounge.

For all your lizard information needs visit
The Lizard Lounge
. All species of Lizards are represented with articles and care sheets.


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